🌙 Mooncoin (MNC): A Moonshot with Real Utility

Deflationary coin with tokenomics designed for rapid growth and with sustainability achieved through utility.

The Mooncoin Vision

The aim of Mooncoin is no different from the original vision for blockchain and cryptocurrency: to provide a trustless, permissionless, fully decentralised, non-custodial store-of-value that can be transferred, traded, and transacted without the need for any intermediaries; To eliminate the intercession of any centralised authority; To ensure that this store of value is fundamentally protected from concerns such as inflation, achieved by placing hard limits on supply via provable mathematical algorithms.

Mooncoin aims to expand on these goals but in rather a modern way, building on top of more recent innovations in the cryptocurrency space. Mooncoin will provide a store-of-value that takes these principles yet further, ensuring that a truly decentralised system for wealth accumulation and spending is made available in a much more grassroots fashion than possible with more traditional cryptocurrencies.

The Mooncoin payments system, via the Wallet and Card, is the primary goal for utility in this project.

About The Team?

This is a fairly ambitious project for a moonshot/hype coin project but we have an experienced and talented team who have built and scaled tech companies and worked experience in big crypto projects like Polkadot. We also know and have worked with each other outside of the crypto world.

Mooncoin for us is a long-term project. It retains a marketing and development fund wallet which will be used to develop Mooncoin and ensure its growth and success. Our singular aim is to turn Mooncoin into a decentralised financial services powerhouse and thus generate enormous wealth for all its holders.

The Problem

Despite this rapid growth, these tokenomics have a strong tendency to go through significant “dumping” phases when those who have generated wealth decide to “cash out” on their positions.

When the cycle of selling begins, it decimates the TVL of the cryptocurrency and also erodes investor confidence. These events can have the effect of starting an avalanche of investor-flight, killing the currency off entirely.

The Solution

Mooncoin sets out to solve this by adjusting the tokenomics to more strongly discourage selling while providing utility for holders.

Mooncoin adds utility to hodling by adding a payments system. This allows investors to accrue and hold Mooncoin and build wealth, but minimise sell transactions until they actually need to spend it. The spending features of Mooncoin payments are transaction tax-free, encouraging users to take this route as opposed to losing 10% upon “dumping” mooncoin on the market and dropping the TVL and price for holders.

Mooncoin Ecosystem

The Mooncoin Ecosystem has been designed from the ground up to embrace DeFi. It consists of three core financial products:

Mooncoin: The currency that serves as a deflationary store-of-value

Moonwallet: A DeFi wallet that locks-in savings and builds wealth through reflection auto-staking

Mooncard: A tax-free payments system to spend your mooncoin freely and conveniently

We have plans to provide our Moonwallet as an integration into the Mooncoin website at moonwallet.org and also as a standalone app. Moonwallet will be used to autostake Mooncoins, trade them, to mint and collect NFTs, and to trade and hold other cryptocurrencies.

We will further work with partners to integrate Moonwallet with other payment systems and providers.

Mooncard will initially be digital-only. We are also working to establish partnerships that will help us deliver plastic and metallic versions of physical cards.

Mooncoin NFTs

Mooncoin NFTs will allow users to mint NFTs of varying denominations. These NFTs are reversible and can always be unminted, returning 95% of the original Mooncoin tokens consumed in the minting process.

Minting NFTs takes Mooncoins out of circulation, creating added scarcity. A 5% tax is applied for each unmounting operation which has the added effect of permanently burning Mooncoins and increasing scarcity.

Each NFT has its own associated rarity which gives it scarcity-value that extends beyond its intrinsic monetary Mooncoin value.

How To Find Out More?

🔵 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/MooncoinDeFi

🌐 Website: https://moonwallet.org/

🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MooncoinDeFi

Deflationary coin with tokenomics designed for rapid growth and with sustainability achieved through utility.